Contract Manufacturers

Contract Manufacturers
The Contract Packaging Association is adding contract manufacturers, contract packagers and private label manufacturers everyday.  The Contract Packaging Association itself is a trade association whose focus (since day-one) has been helping its contract manufacturer membership with subjects such as growth opportunities and industry trends.


Current Contract Manufacturer Partners

We Are Working With the Key Trade Associations That Relate to These Important CPG Subjects:

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance (with its Co-Packing Network) has a roster of over 15,000 contract manufacturers (including contract packagers and private label manufacturers).  The Contract Packaging Association’s membership are also core participants and partners with the

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How We Help You Succeed

CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers, is made up of members who are the nation’s leading contract packagers and contract manufacturers (CP/CMs). CPA provides top-notch business development support, industry education, networking opportunities and industry intelligence. Learn how we help our members each and every day!
Become a CPA member to gain access to industry expertise and best practices and be actively supported and promoted throughout the year.

Membership Information:

CPA membership is company-based. This means if your company joins the CPA, all individuals within the company are automatically members and can take advantage of our many benefits!
Membership Dues are pro-rated throughout the year and are collected on an Annual basis. Renewals are collected within the 4th Quarter of every year.

CPA Regular Membership:

  • Contract Packagers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Those who provide 3PL services

Regular Membership Dues pricing is based on your company’s annual revenue in the Contract Packaging sector specifically:

  • Less than $10 Million Annually: $1,995.00
  • Between $10 and $50 Million Annually: $2,995.00
  • Over $50 Million Annually: $3,995.00


CPA Associate Membership:

  • Supplier Companies providing machinery, containers, components, materials, or other services to Contract Packagers and Manufacturers.

Associate Membership Dues pricing is a set amount agreed upon by the Contract Packaging Association Board of Directors.

  • $3,995.00