State Department of Agriculture Program: Arkansas

State Department of Agriculture of Arkansas
The Arkansas Agriculture Department is dedicated to the development and implementation of policies and programs for Arkansas agriculture and forestry to keep its Farmers and Ranchers competitive in national and international markets.
Arkansas Grown: The Arkansas Grown program, administered through the Arkansas Agriculture Department (AAD), began in 2012 to help promote the many agricultural products that are grown here in Arkansas. The program is often used to help make the critical connection between producers and consumers. The Arkansas Made program promotes goods and products made in our state by local makers and connects them to buyers.
Core Customers:  Retail and Food Service
Arkansas is home to a number of important customers who are ideal to look at for distribution.  These include Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Harp’s Food Stores, Affiliated Foods, Forest City, Leisure Arts, USA Drug, Cranford Fresh Foods, Jade Super Foods, Food Giant, Tim’s IGA, Medicine Shoppes, James Super Save, Knight’s Markets, Lowery Drug, SBS Select Foods, Mayflower Foods, Harvest Foods, Hays Stores, Newcomb Drug, Miller’s Markets, Health Depot, Medisav, CV Foodliner, Bath Junkie, Marvin’s Foods, Shake’s Frozen Custard, Fowler Foods, Fort Smith 3, Pizza Pro, Diamond Hospitality, KVS Group, K-Mac Enterprises, Dixie Restaurants, FourJay LLC, HighBar Foods, BRM Mgmt, Jim’s Razorback Pizza, Pete Esch and many others.