State Department of Agriculture Program: Wyoming

State Department of Agriculture of Wyoming
The Wyoming Department of Agriculture assists the citizens of Wyoming to live safe and healthy lives, promote and preserve our agricultural community, be responsible stewards of our natural resources, and achieve integrity in the marketplace.
The WDA is comprised of six sections: Administrative Services, Analytical Services (Chemistry & Microbiology Laboratories), Consumer Health Services, Natural Resources, Technical Services, and Wyoming State Fair.
Wyoming Business: The Wyoming Business Council is the state of Wyoming’s economic development agency. The Business Council works with private businesses, state agencies, local governments, local economic development groups, partners and nonprofits to grow and diversify Wyoming’s economy, create jobs and enhance quality of life.

Core Customers:  Retail and Food Service
Wyoming is home to a number of important customers who are ideal to look at for distribution.  These include Corral West, Bloedorn Lumber,, Brunton Corp, Hoback Sports, Jack Dennis Sports,, Cash-Wa Distributing, Bi Rite Pharmacies, Jon’s IGA, Red Eagle Oil, Cockrell Stores. Tweed’s Wholesale, Mountain Sports, Decker’s Food Centers, Red Horse Oil, McFadden Wholesale, Klemmerer Jubilee, Familee Thriftway, Taco John’s, Johnson Restaurants, Movie Palaces, Blair Hotels, Sanford’s Grub, Gabel Theatres, Xanterra, Decker’s Markets, Sunlight Sports, Good Health Markets, Red Apple Markets, Sackett’s Markets, Blair’s Markets, Jackson Whole Grocer, DJ’s Markets, Pearl Street Markets and Bi-Rite Pharmacy.