The Co-Packing Network

All About the Co-Packing Network

The Co-Packing Network is a creation between Conzumables ( and   the Contract Packaging Association ( that will be the first consumer product incubation and management system coming solely from the contract manufacturing area.
The Co-Packing Network has an ever-growing database of contract manufacturers (currently at 15,000 and growing) that will be used in the future expansion of the RFQ Tool and other programs that are created.

Mission Statement:  The Co-Packing Network supports consumer product industry start-up and emerging brands with their manufacturing needs.  We help with their choices of working with a commercial kitchen; creating a relationship with a contract manufacturer or opening their own manufacturing facility.  The Co-Packing Network is available to all those looking for help in innovating, creating and launching products into the marketplace.

* Commercial Kitchens * Contract Manufacturers * Farmer’s Markets *Packaging Suppliers * Ingredient Manufacturers * Co-Packing Equipment Manufacturers    * Product Developers * Flavor and Extract Manufacturers * Branding Companies

The Co-Packing Network Pyramid…

The main levels are:

  • Innovating a New Product Idea
  • Formulating the Product
  • Manufacturing the Product
  • Marketing the Product
  • Selling the Product